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Andreae Installation Guide
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Andreae Standard Filters
Andreae Standard Filter
are used in 20x20" and 20x25" exhaust openings.  Exhaust banks with these size openings are not typically designed with a channel frame and side clip.  As a result, they require a one time installation of a wire support to hold the Andreae Filter in place.

Andreae High Efficiency Filter
Represents a cell frame with attention to the straight-end support tines positioned behind the frame.
Andreae Filter Support for pad size filters.
Andreae Filter Supports are available in two sizes:

20x20"   AFS20D  
20x25"   AFS25D

Flat Lines
The wire supports slide into place:  straight tines behind the exhaust frame opening and bent tines inside the frame.  The bent tines may require an initial adjustment to provide the proper support:  simply bend the tines into place, allowing an 1/8 inch space between the tine and the existing frame.  The Andreae Filter fits directly into the exhaust opening and is held in place by tucking each end pleat behind the bent tines.

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