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Andreae Team is the inventor and original manufacturer of the accordion style, pleated paper filter for spray booth exhaust filtration.  Also known as the organ filter, gopher card, fluted card filter, painter's paper and concertina, Andreae Filters are used around the world in the Liquid Finishing Industry.

Unique in design and working principle, Andreae Filters hold more paint particles than other exhaust filter media while maintaining uniform air flow around the parts being sprayed.  This contributes to a cleaner air  environment for the worker and the community at large.  Andreae Filters are EPA compliant, easy to install and dispose, and last longer than fiberglass, expanded paper, polyester or styrofoam media.

For over fifty years, Andreae Team has produced an economical, efficient alternative to common overspray collection filters.  Andreae Filters were revolutionary in 1963 and remain a standout paint arrestor today.  As our Team continues to grow, we welcome the opportunity to service your air filtration and paint booth needs.

Andreae Filters and Floor Paper are distributed world wide with a network covering six of seven continents.  If you are interested in distributing Andreae products, please contact us for details.  If you are interested in purchasing Andreae products for use in your paint booth or finishing line, please contact us for a distributor near you.
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